Bionic Commando Demo Coming to Xbox LIVE This Month

By Jason Wadsworth


Xbox 360 users patiently awaiting the release of Capcom’s swinging shooter, Bionic Commando, will soon get a taste of the game’s multiplayer experience. Capcom has announced that it will make a multiplayer demo of Bionic Commando available via Xbox LIVE later this month.

The demo will consist of one of the 16 multiplayer maps included in the full version of the game, aptly named Vertigo. In the demo, up to eight players will grab, grapple, swing, and shoot their way around the Vertigo map.

No specific date for the demo has been announced. There has also been no word on the possibility of a demo for the PlayStation 3.

Bionic Commando will release for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 on May 19th, and a release for the PC will follow thereafter.

Source: Capcom (via Kotaku)

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