Burnout DLC: Crash and Burn?

Throughout 2008, the folks at EA and Criterion supported Burnout Paradise with high quality downloadable content and did it for free. This seemed to be a new and more gamer friendly approach to DLC. Then, starting this year with the Party Pack, all the free DLC stopped and paid content began. The only problem: all that good will with gamers has seemed to stop on account of it.

While selling extra content for games seems like a great idea for extra money, it comes at the cost of a large contingent of gamers who do not like the idea and feel as if they are being nickel and dimed even if the content is substantial. The Burnout team had been doing something that many hardcore game makers have been unable to do outside of triple A mega-hits. They continued selling games for a full year where many game sales peter out in a month or two from launch.

Now that many gamers have seemed to have moved on and the latest and possibly most promising DLC pack (the recently dated Cops and Robbers pack) is less than two weeks away from launch, did EA and Criterion do something wrong or are gamers wrong to expect everything be delivered to them free of charge?

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  • Alphathon

    I think it’s perfectly legitamate for them to sell DLC, but it does seem stupid to throw away all the good will they had before. How it seems it should work is have most of the DLC for free, but have substancial updates (how you define substancial is the problem here) paid. For example have things like the island or car packs (i.e. content) paid but have things like race restarts, day/night and other mechanics free. That way, no-one looses out on the gameplay, just the content, if they don’t want to pay.

  • racingfreak92

    Now that theyve moved to all paid DLC i think they undid the free DLC. The DLC so far has been over priced and in the case of the Toy Cars which were crap and whoever at Criteron let them go by without damage modeling should be hung.

  • I honestly thought that we were paying the premium DLC prices for a FREE Big Surf Island. Apparently, this is not the case. I had no problem with this, if it were indeed the premise. Even if I do have to spend a bit more cash(I’ve bought all already), part of me doesn’t mind as BP is simply a great game that truly has something for everyone.

  • And we wonder why developers charge so much for DLC. Criterion put out what I thought was game of the year in 08 at a 60.00 price tag. The followed it up with “FREE” updates that gave us everything we wanted or complained about in its initial release including a day night cycle, making it easier to find gates and billboards, fixing any technical glitches found and even upping the anti on the in game graphics…all for FREE. Who else has done this? Now.. the DLC that they are asking us to pay for is ALL optional and does not change the gameplay on the non purchasers end at all. You “HAVE” the option to pay for it. But yet we are bitches and still complain. If you dont but the toy cars how does this change the way you play the game? It doesnt, I choose to buy the DLC because I love the game and find it to be worth every cent. Also the game is 20.00 now or the new full price version will give you the game plus all the DLC up to the toy cars. This argument is stupid..if your going to bitch about DLC point your finger at Capcom who bends the gamer over. By pointing the finger at criterion and Burnout your trying to complain to people who are doing some good instead and actually thinking about the gamer. How dare they ask for money for content they actually worked on that adds to the Users “Experience”..see I say experience because its adds to the joy of the game..not the End of the game like the shitty DLC from Prince of Persia. The Burnout DLC was not meant for you obviously. It was aimed at the fans of the series. Its like hey..we know you put a shit ton of playtime and have found everything we think it would be cool to have motorcycles, or a car that looks like echto-1 so we put it it there for you it took us some man time and if you want it it will cost this much. Whats wrong with that?