Broken Steel DLC makes Fallout 3 endless on May 5

Still hungry for more Fallout 3 content? Luckily you don’t have too much longer to wait for Broken Steel, the third — and largest — piece of downloadable content for the game, which will be made available on Xbox Live and PC on May 5.

Not only does Broken Steel add a new main quest line which, at four to five hours, is longer than The Pitt, but it also removes a lot of Fallout 3 fans’ major qualms with the game — the ending. Broken Steel takes place after the original ending of the game, allowing you to continue to explore the world after the main quest line is complete. It also increases the level cap from 20 to 30 and introduces some new high-level perks, armor and weapons.

The original Fallout 3 endgame has been changed, so that three companions will no longer refuse to aid you in your final task. The Broken Steel story picks up two weeks later, with you dealing of the consequences of your actions. Don’t worry, completing Broken Steel won’t end the game either. (Read More at

There you have it folks! the 3rd Fallout 3 DLC will be out May 5th increasing the level cap to 30 and extending the story past the original ending.(also adding new armor/weapons and perks)

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