Hell in a Hand(held)basket – EA announces PSP version of Dante’s Inferno

By Jason Wadsworth


Today EA announced that Dante’s Inferno, its 3rd person action game slated for release next year, will have a PSP version in addition to the already announced PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Players can now look forward to guiding Dante through all 9 circles of hell on a quest to save the soul of his beloved Beatrice; all while on the bus to school or work. The PSP version of Dante’s Inferno is being developed by Montreal based developer Artificial Mind and Movement.

“Our team and the team at A2M are taking the vision for Dante’s Inferno and translating it directly to the PSP,” says Jonathan Knight, the game’s executive producer and creative director. “PSP owners can expect to get the same level of fast, responsive gameplay through all nine detailed and unique circles of hell we are aiming to achieve on the consoles.”

Look for all versions of Dante’s Inferno to release simultaneously sometime next year.

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