Top – 058 Hot Zombie Action

Show Summary: The energy is back, as we work our way around the pool table, discuss some news, and tickle your ears with an album of the week. Plus, an informative and potentially lifesaving dialog about Zombie survival. Finally, our community comes through with some great questions and we do the best to provide great answers.

Around the Pool Table:
– Playing UniWar (iPhone)
– Watched UFC 97
– Finished Magic Ball (PSN) Plus Expansion – 100%!
– Burnout: Paradise – 100%!
– Played Guitar Hero: Metallica
– Playing Fat Princess
– Chuck is getting really good.
– 3v3 nhl to NHL 09 = lots of penalties
– Playing Gun
– Watched Caprica

TD Newscast (all sources are links):
– DJ Games already embroiled in legal troubles (via Joystiq)
– Amazon is selling WiiWare too. Well, some WiiWare (via Amazon)
– The Recession is here! $10 game sale at Best Buy! (via Cheap Ass Gamer)

Mr Matt’s Album of the Week:
– Silversun Pickups -Carnavas

Main Topic: Zombies:
1. What are the ways in which one can become a zombie?
2. How do you kill a zombie
3. What is the best way to dispose of a zombie?
4. What is the most important weapon you have against a zombie?
5. What is the second most important type of weapon
6. What are the draw back so of power tools like chainsaws, drills and such?
7. Why is a single shot rifle a better idea than a automatic rifle?
8. What are the draw backs of a shotgun?
9. Advantages and disadvantages of pistols?
10. Explosive not effective at killing zombies?
11. How would you want to dress?

The Community:
– Questions from Twitter. We are soooo Web 2.0

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