EA Sports Complex For PlayStation Home


Available now for PlayStation Home is EA SPORTS Complex an interactive gaming environment exclusive to PlayStation Home.  EA SPORTS Complex has everything for casual to hardcore sports fan and features new exclusive multiplayer games and game trailers plus the latest information on EA SPORTS games and more.

EA SPORTS Complex will allow you to hook up with up to eight of your friends in Texas Hold ‘em poker or you can even get behind the wheel and race for the best time against friends in exclusive style formula cars.  Also be on the lookout for EA SPORTS Golf that will be coming soon where you will be able to hit the driving range to test out your golf skills.

Keep an eye out because the Sports Complex is going to  keep getting bigger and keep sports fans coming back for more.  I feel this is a great addition to PlayStation Home and can’t wait to see what EA will bring to us next for this space.  I got to see the EA SPORTS Complex work first hand at the recent EA event and it looks great so head over and check it out for yourself.


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