Personal:Wolfenstein 3D

Once upon a time, an 8 year old sat at a computer at his uncle’s house. It was a 500mb 386, 25 MHz PC; 16mb ram running Win 3.1 & DOS. The first time I ever sat inches away from a 16” computer monitor – and it was so bad ass!

My uncles a musician and used the PC for recording his compositions – and maybe play some Wolfenstein 3D. He let me play with the PC, but never let me play Wolfenstein because he thought it was a game that an 8 year old shouldn’t play. He also thought I would never figure out how to use Windows and DOS to play Wolf 3D – he was so wrong!

Two 2-hour sessions, sitting in front of that 16” screen, and I had taught myself how to use something I will use for the rest of my life – and how to kill a whole lot of Nazis.

Wolfenstein 3D was my first 3D experience, my first gore-fest, my first FPS, and my first “mouse-key” game. It forced me to beg my father for a computer until I got one, and in turn opened me up to PC-Gaming. Wolfenstein put me in the game like no NES title I had sitting at home could and it’s perspective would later be one of my favorite game genres in gaming. It didn’t make me violent because it was violent – I’m smarter than that – the only thing Wolfenstein made me was an avid gamer.  Thank you Wolfenstein!

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