Square-Enix, Eidos deal closed.

The deal is finally done. Square-Enix has purchased Eidos for the price of $120 million. Eidos is happy and now Square-Enix can push the western genre. What does this mean for the Tomb Raider franchise?

Eidos is most familiar because of the Tomb Raider series. By far it is Eidos best selling series, selling somewhere around 30 million units since 1996. I don’t doubt the series will stick around, but does this whole change work for the best of the gamers interest? Not just in the Tomb Raider series but the deal as a whole.

Only time will tell how Eidos operates under Square-Enix, but for Square this I personally believe is a good move. As said, they want to push westward and this is a big step towards that goal. Will it all work in favor of… Well that’s to be foreseen.

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