GameHounds Episode 63: Leggo My Lego

microphoneHey! Guess what? We actually have a GameHounds episode, it’s on time, and it features Cooper Hawkes (with Edie Sellers). It’s the grand hat trick of podcasting.

This week, Hawkes and Edie discuss:


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  • Hawkes thanks for the kind words but I won’t lie to you, I did tell a few hosts. There were the ones that emailed me back and asked for the info, then I swore them to complete secrectcy and told them I would fly to them and kick their asses if I heard any hints of anything before the embargo because it was my ass on the line.

    Also, I agree with Edie, yes they were under embargo but they side stepped it by not passing any info along under which they were under embargo for. Yes it sucks, but we all really should be pissed at Best Buy because really they are the ones that fucked up. I went my Best Buy yesterday and I saw the inFamous pre-order games sitting there with the sticker on them. That wasn’t suppose to be there till today or even tomorrow. But it still really sucks, they scooped like 30 different news outlets with this, most of them major news outlets.

    As for netflix, I work at the post office, yes we do separate netflix and blockbuster, they have a special service with us so that is why they do it, they also account for billions of dollars of revenue every year. Sucks but that is the truth. I was actually annoyed with all the news outlets posting this without a shred of looking into the matter.