Dual Shock 3 Controller for $29.95

So, you’ve finally given up on a price drop and gone out to buy a PS3. Very good, bravo, congratualtions all around, etc. But let’s say you would like to play a game on your shiny new black box with a friend who doesn’t have one of his own. You’ll need a spare controller, and a Dual Shock 3 is the best way to go. Oh, sure…a secondhand Sixaxis will get the job done; but it just feels so flimsy, doesn’t it? The only problem with the Dual Shock 3 is the price. Typically, they’re almost as much as a new game, and we all know what the wiser choice is in such a situation.

But not this day. My friends, I give you Game Deal Daily, an entire website devoted to scorching deals on all of your essential gaming needs. Daily.

Yes, they’re a deal-a-day site, and today’s deal is a delightful doosy indeed: a Dual Shock 3 controller for a very reasonable $29.95. At Gamestop, the same controller would set you back $45 used or $55 new. And if things couldn’t get any better, you’ll be excited to hear that domestic shipping is only $5. Your choice here is simple. If you need a new controller, this is the way to go. I get the impression that these might not last through the entire day, so you might want to order quickly.

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