My Sims Agents


EA has announced a new My Sims game.  My Sims Agents for the Wii and DS is set to release Fall of 2009.  My Sims Agents is a mystery- meets-adventure game that allows players to sharpen their problem solving skills while enjoying all of the beloved My Sims charm, characters, customization and humor, General Manager of the My Sims franchise Tim LeTourneau has stated.

My Sims Agents has you play as a heroic agent who must stop a sinister plot that threatens the fate of a entire city.  My Sims Agents is developed by the Sims Studio in the EA Play Label.  If you enjoyed My Sims for the Wii you will get a lot of enjoyment from this new addition to the My Sims series.

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  • my sims agents is the best!!!I am 10 and this is a game for anyone! You create your sim with your style.Goth,to girly,to casual to anything!!This is the best my sims game ever!! You can create your own HQ and more this is the game to get!!!