Get Your Zombie Fix With This New Dead Rising 2 Trailer!


Chuck Greene; Putting Darth Maul to shame since 1945.

Excuse me if I sound excited, but the original Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 ranks up there with my all-time favorite games. Each day following my completion of the game has been an agonizing wait for any and all news of a sequel.

Not too long ago news broke that Dead Rising 2 was coming, and a not-so-great trailer was released, showing very little in the gameplay department. It’s main purpose seemed to be informing us of the new locale, a Las Vegas themed city.

Well I have good news for you. There is a new Dead Rising 2 Trailer, and it is AWESOME. I am at a loss for words after viewing it, and if you enjoyed the first one as much as I did, you will be too.

Check it out here at IGN.

Did you watch it? What did you think? Amazing huh? Leave a comment!

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