Sony “PSP Go!” Rumored to Unveil Soon

Sony’s not doing so well this generation; that much isn’t a secret. So then, with the launch of Nintendo’s new DSi, it seems Sony has started to feel a lot of pressure on the handheld front. We’ve been hearing rumors for quite some time about a new PSP with a slide-out touchscreen; up until this point such chatter has been largely unreliable. 

But now, good friends, it seems that certain members of the staff have let slip a few details about the device; what’s more is that they purport to have actually seen the system. 1Up has reported that they are in close contact with someone involved in the new PSP’s development,  and they claim to have some inside info on the handheld.

Among the new features  of the “PSP Go!” are a sliding keyboard, 8 and 16 GB flash-drive  SKUs, and a target launch date of Holiday, 2009. There is still some uncertainty of whether or not the device will have a camera or touch screen; however, we are told that the current UMD drive has been taken out, making digital downloads the new favorite distribution means for PSP games. Another oft-cited feature is conspicuosly missing from the new system: dual analog sticks. Apparently Sony feels that it is best to stick to the current control scheme of the PSP. Poor decision there, to say the least.

It will be a matter of time before we find out how right or wrong 1Up is, but since these guys are professional game journalists who get paid quite well for what they do, I have to assume that they wouldn’t report on such rumors if they didn’t have a good reason to think that they were true.

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