Battlefield Heroes Beta First Impressions

I was fortunate enough to be given a Battlefield Heroes beta code from Games Radar yesterday. I downloaded the beta to my PC last night and gave it a spin.


The initial download and installation took around 20 minutes, and was all handled in my Firefox browser. Once complete, I had to create my hero. First I chose what faction I would fight for, the National and the Royalist Army. I chose the National army because they looked like the bad guys. Once that was done, there were several options for my skin, hair, and face. Finally you choose your class. I chose gunner because he had the biggest…well…gun.

The tutorial gives you the basics of the controls. You get to shoot some targets, drive a jeep and a tank, then fly a plane. The controls are your standard WSAD and mouse scheme. Flying the plane is like in any other Battlefield game, a challenge.

Battlefield Heroes Screenshot

As you can see by the screenshot, once you get into an actual online match, the game suffers from a great deal of pop-in. The buildings disappear and re-appear constantly. The player models are fine and lag was non-existent in the games I played. Unfortunately, the pop-in affected the game simply because it was hard to see where walls and buildings were.

I’m going to give it another try. I think it’s an interesting model that I think has potential. The simplified Battlefield formula works perfectly in these quick matches. If the pop-in is fixed, this could really be a fun (and free) diversion.

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