Evolved Gaming & Platform Nation to visit Monolith!

As some of you know I have a little site call Evolved Gaming.  We were invited to visit Monolith Productions and as they are located close to Seattle, Washington, and I would be obligated to see Steve anyways, I felt pity on him and invited him to tag along.

So come tomorrow Steve and I will be visiting the makers of the F.E.A.R. and Condemned series’.  As GeminiAce pointed out Monolith is also the the makers of an older PC FPS called Blood.  I am not completely sure what we will be seeing and what we will be able to speak on once we do see it, but I do know that Steve is bringing his camcorder (sorry no strange videos this time) and I feel a return to the GVU is upcoming!  If you have a question for the anyone on the team for the above listed games or for anyone at Monolith please leave them below or email them to me @ [email protected]

As this is my first studio visit and I’m pretty excited. I get to sign a NDA and the best part? SWAG! I will be trying to pick up as much swag and goodies I can! If you want a chance at winning some of this swag all you have to do is leave a comment ON THE ORIGINAL POST ON EVOLVED GAMING.

Whether its a question for anyone at Monolith or a general comment about F.E.A.R.2, Condemned 2 or any other game Monolith has made; leave a comment below.  Copy that comment or make another on the EG post linked above for chance to win a piece of swag from EG, courtesy of Monolith Productions!

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