Forza 3 Debuting at E3

With E3 coming up in just over a month, rumor and speculation has really started to ramp up regarding both hardware and software unveilings that are planned for the event. Among the most recent is Microsoft’s long-rumored Forza Motorsport 3. 

At a recent event for the Xbox fan community in Brazil, Microsoft teased a partial image of the Forza 3 logo, followed by the phrase “coming soon.” Reports from Joystiq also indicate that this is not the first time that Forza 3 info has leaked online. Last year, word began to spread of the game’s 400 cars, 100 tracks, and two-disc space requirement. Long story short, the game exists and will in all likelihood show up for its first big day in the spotlight at the Microsoft E3 press conference on June 1st. 

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