FPS Freek Review And Winner Announced

Congratulation to McZiggz! He is the proud winner of a set of FPS Freeks. To buy your own set head over to Kontrol Freeks Store.

A random number generator was used to pick his comment number.


The concept behind the FPS Freek is that the larger and higher joystick gives you a wider range of motion therefore giving you more control. After two weeks of experience with it I have to say it works. Now don’t go expecting some revolutionary enhancement. Compatible with both the 360 and PS3 (though it’s a tight fit on the DualShock 3 sticks).

Playing certain shooters like Brothers In Arms or Gears of War 2 with the sticks feels floaty and disconnected. After snapping on the FPS Freeks it makes it feel much tighter and pulls you into the game more.

At first it will feel like your hands are towering over the face buttons, that reaching them in time to pull off that melee hit is a impossible task. But after 30 minutes I had gotten used to the extra distance between the stick and the buttons and my thumb was navigating them just like before.

The first product from KontrolFreeks, the SpeedFreek was a U-shaped add-on that gave you greater control over the joystick for racing games. It worked as advertised but felt cheap,and seemed like putting  any pressure on it would snap it in half. Its biggest problem was if you spun it around your joystick it would shred the sides off ; actually that was more of a problem with me being spastic.
The FPS Freek dosen’t have any of these problems. The extender is two pieces but its firmly connected and feels solid.

The bottom line is that the FPS Freek wont revolutionize your game, if you are at the bottom of the scoreboard every time its not going to boost you to the top but if your lagging in 2nd place by just a few kills this may just give you the edge. For the budget price of $10 these are a must buy accessory for any FPS fan. You can purchase a two-pack from

To win your own set of FPS Freeks leave a comment on this review and next Friday, May 8th, the winner will be selected. Please leave a comment with a valid email address so i cant contact you or leave your XBL or PSN tag.

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  • I can has prize?

  • Axl Rose


  • I give it a shot.

  • Andrew

    I’d love to win this!

  • Nicole

    I love playing shooters and I’m intrigued with this idea. Either way, hopefully I’ll get a pair of these in the near future.

  • Richard

    I wantz prize 😀

  • Another accessory for a controller that was less than adequate to start off with. Then again, you can’t please everyone, but you could at least bother to try.

  • I have been thinking that these might be useful for Killzone 2 🙂

    Thanks for the review & for the contest!

    McZiggz on PSN / XBL

  • This looks to be another winner from KontrolFreek, especially for the PS3. I’ve never liked the PS3 controller for shooters.

  • CHORRO2200

    If I don’t win these, where can I buy them? Is it online only?

  • Yes i do believe they are available only only. You can purchase the FPS Freeks or the Speed Freeks for $10 for a 2 pack.

  • josh long

    these are preety cool i would love a pair everyone i know who uses them says the’re amazingg

  • Charbel Chamoun

    I can not believe this…
    Somebody can actualy win a free pair of FPS Freeks!!!
    If I do not win, I’m just going to cry of desperation…
    But if I do win, I’m going to run and hug every person I shall see…
    I’m seriously serious…

  • Charbel Chamoun

    I mean it…

  • Charbel Chamoun

    Or not…

  • Charbel Chamoun

    Maybe I do not mean it…

  • Charbel Chamoun

    I don’t mean it…

  • Charbel Chamoun

    I was joking about the comments,
    exept for the first one…

  • TJ B

    5 out of 5 stars my friend uses them and is now playing great i want them bad
    XBL GB: wt raider71