Zombies Ate My TD Podcast!

Just a quick post to deliver you some bad news. Because of scheduling conflicts, we are not going to record a show this week. It has NOTHING to do with the release of new Killzone maps, or the Burnout: Paradise Cops and Robbers mode. Basically, two of us weren’t going to be able to make it, and we figured a zombie discussion without the whole crew would be about as worthless as a shotgun from more than 100 feet (their actual effective range with buck shot – don’t believe my co-hosts).

Thank you for your awesome response to Episode 58, we will be addressing your questions and adding to our highly academic, and very important discussion. Please continue to submit your questions and ideas, and feel free to call our hotline (559-892-1671). We welcome all input; even from zombies (can they even use a phone?).

After all, if our government is going to spend 1.5 billion to research future outbreaks of swine flu, the least we can do is have a serious conversation about the coming zombie apocalypse.

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