Hands On With inFamous

As some of you might have known, Platform Nation was invited to attend a very special Sony event last week where we were able to get our hands on with a few of Sony’s upcoming games. One of the games that we were able to play, and talk about, was inFamous which is being developed by Sucker Punch Productions, the same guys that brought us the Sly series for the PlayStation 2.

Now before I tell you what I saw and what I thought about the gameplay, let me give you some of the details about the game. inFamous will be coming to the PlayStation 3 on May 26th as a Sony exclusive. It’s a single player game where you control Cole McGrath and his electric powers that he somehow acquired after this mysterious explosion that took play in Empire City, and explosion that destroyed everything but you. So without spoiling anything you take control of Cole, in the 3rd person view, and you go throughout this game. There is a karma type system where your decisions that you make will actually influence not only the story but your powers and that really helps inFamous achieve it’s sandbox type feel. And the last thing that I want to add about the game before I start talking about what I thought is for the those that buy the game, Sony, Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog, decided to reward all of you with a code where you will get access to the multiplayer beta for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, yes multiplayer, get pumped!


The first thing I want to say about inFamous is that IT IS NOT Crackdown. Yes, inFamous is a open world game with a lot of vertical scaling, yes you can climb up this huge building but that is really it as far a similarities go. You do not get these super strengths, you are not hunting for orbs, there is no co-op play. To me, inFamous felt more like a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed then anything else, this being because of your characters special abilities and powers, it felt like your force powers that were in Star Wars. You have your electric strikes, electric grenades, a electric shield and many more electric abilities. Most of these abilities use your “bank” of electricity, which you can recharge throughout the game, but because of this, you are limited at times how much of your special abilities you can use. Then there are some powers that you need during the game that you have unlimited use of, like your shield, your hover ability and to shoot electricity, this being because you need to be able to use them at times when there is no way to recharge your powers.

I was lucky enough to play a few different parts of the game, all varying in difficulty and what your objective was. I was able to do a couple boss fights, some serious vertical scaling, and this one mission where I was tasked to save the cities water supply as it was being poisoned. First I’ll talk about the boss fights, now to me this is something that I love about games are the boss fights, they are a great thing in every game as it gives you the and exciting climax to the game. inFamous seems to have several boss fights and they varied in difficulty from the ones I played. One of the things that really helped the boss fights and the game itself was its checkpoint system. It saved my ass quite a few times due to the constant checkpoints. I didn’t have to replay huge sections of the game due to me dying (and I died a lot!). Even with all the deaths though I really didn’t mind because the game would just pick right back where it cut off, there wasn’t any loading or waiting for the game, it just continued.


Then there is the vertical scaling in inFamous, wow, now this part was a lot of fun at times, and really frustrating at other times. I was able to do some crazy stuff with my running, jumping and hovering mode. While at times I had issues not grabbing what I wanted to, or my character not exactly doing what I wanted him to do, I had a blast climbing up this huge buildings and running and jumping across of them, all while fighting countless enemies on the roof tops. And then when I used my “shockwave” type of ability to blast them off the roof, I was loving that. This was probably some of the most fun I was having.

Outside of the gameplay there were a few other really great things about inFamous, one of which was the graphics. I loved the art design that it brings to the table and the way that not only your character looks, but the city as a whole. They really want you to know how beat up and rundown this city is and you will notice that just by looking around while traveling. I will let you guys know though that you will have to play with the controls for a little bit as they make use of every button and to really learn this game you have to sit down with the controls a little bit to understand what does what. Other then that though I had 0 issues with the game.


Now will I be picking up inFamous on launch day? As a matter of fact I will, part of the reason though will be because of the Uncharted 2 mulitplayer demo, I’m not going to lie, I really want that. As for the game itself, from what saw, I did really enjoy it and I do feel that every PlayStation owner should at least check it out.

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  • I feel obligated to comment, despite my not having a PS3. Seemed liked a good enough preview. I would have liked to have heard more about what the combat is like though. I mean is it all about your powers, or do you have melee moves, and can you improve them?

    • While the majority of what you do relies on your “powers” there is some melee in inFamous. They have even included a way to “finish” off your enemies, and how you finish them off depends on if you want to keep your good karma or bad karma. The good way handcuffs them to where they lay, the the negative way sucks the life out of them.

  • Great write up – thanks for the info.

  • ATC 1982

    Looks like a game I will want to get my hands on.

  • Force unleashed 2 is way much better than this…
    And the Wii Rocks