iPhone App of the Week

Game: Magnificant Gadgets & Gizmos

Developer: Publisher X

Genre: Puzzle

Rating: 4 and older

MSRP: $1.99

Magnificent Gadgets and Gizmos (MGG) is a puzzle game developed by Publisher X. It is currently available on the iTunes store for just under 2 dollars.

The goal of MGG is to get the green ball to the finish zone my any means possible. You are equipped with all sorts of parts that will aid you in getting the ball to the end. You have rope, poles, forward balls and backward balls. Each area will have obstacles you must overcome to get to the end, such as cliffs, fans, and many other hazards. There are 3 difficulty levels in the game the first being basically a tutorial level which is necessary with a game this complex. 

MGG does have a few drawbacks one of which is the learning curve, with an iPhone game the learning curve should be a lot shorter than in this game. There was also some problems with my iPhone lagging and even crashing when I put too many parts on the screen at a time.

MGG offered a lot of levels, and a challenge. It had considerable diversity, and for 2 dollars you are getting more joy than an energy drink, or most other things that cost 2 dollars.

Bottom line, this game is fun and the price is right, so if you enjoy puzzle games, you should get this game.

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