Welcome to TQcasts New Site TQcast Pure

I want to welcome everybody to TQcast’s new site “TQcast-Pure”. Nothing but same old TQcast, except with a new look just in time for the summer.  I have been working hard on this new site,  and I want to share it all with you, now that it is live. Please feel free to leave some comments or feedback. As of today I’m stll Pure, and have no desire to drink…I lie, I almost bought a six pack of dos x on Wednesday, but walked out with water instead.  To celebrate this TQcast-Pure, I will be (virgin -drinking) partying along side TQfam tomorrow. I might also “might” is the key word, have a contest/giveaway to go with the new look. So keep it locked.

As of 10 minutes ago, only thing not ready yet are, the E-Mail get updates option on the top right, and the “older post” link towards the bottom of the page, oh and the pink font on the comments (what is up with that). These things will get fixed in the next year or so.  If you find any glitches or issues with the site, please hit me up at [email protected]

Thank You TQfam!

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