Exclusive MAG Interview With Michael Gutmann


Today we are showcasing you a very exclusive interview that Platform Nation was lucky enough to get with Michael Gutmann, VP of Zipper Interactive, makers of most of the SOCOM series, Crimson Skies, the upcoming 256 player MAG, along with many more titles.

And stay tuned for our indepth preview where we will discuss what we thought of MAG, only here at Platform Nation!

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  • Sorry for being a little rusty on that interview, it’s been a little while since I have been behind the mic 🙂

  • djdue

    Great stuff. Don’t worry about bumping the mic once. Cool to hear about how communication works in the game. Any idea on when a Beta will be out and how to be apart of it?

  • @djdue They didn’t announce any beta details, not yet. I did ask later on about a target release date and I was told that they are targeting end of 2009. But who knows for sure.

  • djdue

    Darn no info. Well can you give an idea of how big the maps are?

  • ali

    sorry i couldnt complete listening to the mp3 because my sister wants to use my laptop…. but before i go can u please tell me if u asked them if there will be an ANNUAL fee for MAG? reply here and i will come back in a few and check it thx

  • Great interview Rusty or not it came out real good

  • Infodude
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