Killzone 2 Steel and Titanium Map Impressions

If you have not yet purchased the new maps for Killzone 2 ” Steel and Titanium” map pack, you might want to consider it after watching this video of TQ’s impressions.

Wasteland Bullet- Is by far a much more impressing and fun map. As you can see on the video below, not only are flying bullets your enemy, but the surroundings and structures can sure take you out in as little as…. gone! Great Map, with additional obstacles during battle.

Vekta Cruiser- Is a very modern Industrial map that has a larger area to battle in. This map has several levels, so make sure you look up and down for those bullets.

Overall both maps are great additions to Killzone 2. And for those that feel that the maps were released much too early, then don’t buy them. Whether you are a die hard or casual Killzone 2 gamer, the maps are optional. This without a doubt makes Killzone 2 heads happy to have new refreshing maps. Hopefully the game continues getting supported the way it has thus far. You can pick this map pack on the PSN for $5.99

A sensational nominee for future TQGame Nights.

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