“First to Play” New Gears 2 Maps? Yes Please!

As everyone in the “know” knows Twitter is fast becoming the place to find all your up gaming news in real time. It provides direct contact from devs/publishers to the people buying and playing their games. This was true when @dennya tweeted about an oppurtunity for people in the Seattle area. Appears that Friday May 15th, 2009 Epic and Microsoft are going to be previewing the new Gears of War 2 maps, named “All Fronts Collection“.


The All Fronts Collection is going to be release July 28th and “
(contains) all of the Gears 2 map packs released to date—the Flashback Map Pack, Combustible Map Pack, and Snowblind Map Pack—All Fronts features the debut of Gears of War 2: Dark Corners, a collection of seven multiplayer maps and a never-before-seen deleted campaign chapter titled “Road to Ruin.” In this deleted scene, Marcus and Dom return to the Locust Hollow in an action-packed encounter that can be played guns blazing or silent and stealthy.

from But you can play them early by going to this link on and registering. You will need to be in the Seattle area next Friday night! I got my confirmation!


You have yours?

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