Rock Band DLC Is Disturbed

You will have to forgive the lack of excitement surrounding this week’s Rock Band DLC announcement. Honestly, this week makes purchasing Chinese Democracy sound like a good idea. Of course, just because most of these tracks don’t blow my skirt up doesn’t mean they won’t blow up yours.


The randomness includes:

Social Distortion – Bad Luck
Social Distortion – Ring of Fire
Social Distortion – Story of My Life
Disturbed – Stricken
Disturbed – Stupify
Steely Dan – Black Friday
Steely Dan – My Old School
Elvis Costello – Radio Radio
The Replacements – Kids Don’t Follow

All tracks are masters of their domain.

The Social Distortion pack will set you back $5.49 or 440 MS points. All tracks can be had individually for $1.99 or 160 MS points or 200 Wii points. Or just scan a $2 bill and e-mail it to Harmonix directly. That probably won’t work, by the way.

Expect to see these available on the Xbox 360 and Wii on Tuesday and the Playstation 3 on Thursday.

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  • Alphathon

    w00t to disturbed, meh to the rest