GameHounds Episode 65: Epic Podcast Fail

microphoneHere it is. What you’ve been waiting for.

Well, half of it at least.

Yes, as mentioned earlier, the usual GameHounds repertoire was hijacked by early-onset Alzheimers — in other words, Edie forgot to press “record.”

So, here’s what you do have.

You have Hawkes, Edie and Tim for a while, and they offer great stuff, including impressions from when she went down to Electronic Arts’ LA campus and got to see Sims 3 and Saboteur. Then bad things happen and Edie goes solo for details on Dragon Age: Origins.

Finally, to not rob you of all the GameHounds goodness before our hiatus, we give you Digital Cowboys and Maynard’s Minutes.

To pay you back for our misdeeds, we offer you this. Yes, it’s Tim Mother F*cking Schafer. And yes, he is that cool.

Tim Schafer thanks Cooper Hawkes

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