Playdate Fun: Confirmed

achievementIf you didn’t get a chance to wrestle away from your mom on Mother’s Day, you missed a huge amount of fun!

For a while there, all six members of the GameHounds staff who were present and accounted for were all getting invites and messages at a rate of one every 1.5 seconds. This lasted for two hours.

In fact, we had so many invites coming in that we couldn’t even sustain a party channel long enough to figure out how to organize ourselves. Our connections were being jammed with so many incoming requests we couldn’t get anything out.

So we didn’t get to play as many games or with everyone we’d liked. If you tried to get hold of us, accept our deep apologies. Between connections and just sheer numbers, it was amazing we got any games at all.

But for those who did get to play with one or more GameHounds staffers, we hope you had a great time. We certainly did, and we’re looking forward to meeting up with you on future dates and hearing your input as new listeners to GameHounds.

The most frequently asked question: What’s a podcast?

And in the words of the great Alex D. Cowboy, “it’s a magical radio show you download to your iPod.” Just go to iTunes Store and search on “gamehounds podcast,” or download the shows directly from this website. Either way, it’s free and it’s twice a week.


Seriously, we’re actually pretty good. So if you haven’t checked us, do so now. And if this is your first podcast, welcome to the magical world you never knew existed. It will blow your f*cking mind!

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