New Eidos Titles Inbound

Following the acquisition of British developers Eidos Interactive by RPG-spewing fat cats Square Enix, several of their classic IP’s are receiving new installments.

This means more Kane and Lynch, Tomb Raider and Hitman, as Eidos president Ian Livingstone confirmed recently.

This reporter is frankly baffled at the idea of being offered more Kane and Lynch. It was panned by critics and there is the general (surely unfounded) feeling that it contributed in some way towards the infamous Gertmanngate. But the thing sold over a million copies so who am I to argue with that?

Tomb raider’s continuation was a given, I just hope that Lara, the undeniable figurehead for female portrayal in video games gets an image update. She needs to start getting real. The tits and guns have to take a back seat next time; secondary to character development.

But I have a boner like a flagpole over the news of more Hitman. Blood Money is one of my favorite games on 360 and a current-gen update with more detail and subtleties would be absolutely fantastic.

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