PopCap Releases Peggle for iPhone

By Jason Wadsworth


Peggle, PopCap Game’s hyper-successful and nearly ubiquitous casual title, is finally available on the iPhone (and iPod Touch). An iPhone version of the game was released this morning, adding one more entry to the long list of Peggle versions available for your enjoyment and bringing the iPhone into the family of consoles, computers, and over 650 mobile and smart phones that already have their own versions.

This versions of Peggle has, of course, been updated to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique interface. A zoom function and an aiming wheel have been added to help balance accuracy with the touch controls. New style shots and a new trophy system have also been added to the iPhone version of Peggle.

Peggle is available for purchase and download now on the iPhone (and iPod Touch) from the Apple App Store or at at the cost of $4.99 (USD).