Could this be leaked proof Microsoft using Wii-like remote technology?????

Browsing Gamestop’s online website I came across this on the last page of future releases slated for October of this year here is a product description.
Squeeballs: Island Party with Controller
Pre-order Ships 10/15/2009

“Squeeballs” for Xbox 360 is a unique collection of 11 motion sensing party game types. The game will come bundled with the Gametrak Freedom (also referred to simply as “Freedom”) handset utilizing PDP’s proprietary and exclusive motion based technology. Launching in fall 2009, “Squeeballs” and Freedom will bring motion-based fun and physical party play to the Xbox 360 for the first time. Squeeballs are 12 adorable, small, cuddly toy characters that are manufactured on a remote and secret island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. As part of the requirements before they can be sold to happy children around the world, Squeeballs must be fully put to the test…to the point of destruction! That’s where the gameplay begins. You will blow up, cook, slice, bat, bowl, shoot and skim the Squeeballs through over 150 mini-game challenges, all the while using the Freedom motion handset to pull, stretch, throw, spin, shake, weave, fly and slide your way through the games. The game is primarily targeted for children 6 to 13, but is designed to also appeal to the Casual Game and Family Game genres. Click here for a small video and see the product yourself?!?

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  • coolgeek93

    how they copy the wii?!?! The wii is still by far the best!

  • jctrustme

    This was announced at GDC 09. Here is a link to an article from that time:

  • Chris

    As the above post said, this isn’t news.

    The product was revealed at GDC 09 and will be coming for the PS3 and XBox 360 both. The controller is designed by Performance Designed Products (PDP).