Eminem Relapse Review

The much anticipated Em album has just blessed the TQ ears, and the verdict is in. Relapse is the closest thing to the Slim Shady LP as you can get, if it wasn’t for the commercial type of songs in the album, this could of been a SSLP 2009 version. Obviously Em needed to attract and cause hate talk toward his tracks to hype up the album, and nothing wrong with that what so ever,except that the track placement on the album seems out of place at times.

Eminem covers many topics, but mostly his addiction to pills. The album feels as if he was half himself and half the drugged up Em that he is trying to overcome. He brings up his mom like usual in a hard Dre beat that will have you replaying the track a few times. He also covers child molestation, murder, addiction, recovery, Christopher Reeves imitation, Mariah Carey warnings to Nick, and a very street THC track that will have the greenery puffers riding for a while with this one.

Over all, Relapse might not at first seem like the perfect 5 year come back for Eminem, but much like the few good LP’s now a days, this one will take several listens to truly appreciate. Don’t expect flashy, club bangers from Dre this time around, the beats seemed very well hand picked for the type of LP Em wanted to present. Relapse like stated in the album itself is only the beginning of what appears to be a huge year for Em’s Dual Relapse CD come back.

TQ ears Like:

My Mom
Medicine Ball
Must be the Ganja
Deja Vu
and although a disturbing track, “Insane” is classic Eminem

*Notice that neither singles are the highlights of this LP.

4 out of 5

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  • out of all his albums, right now this seems to me like my least favorite. There are some tracks that I have to skip because they are just retarded.

    The first 2 albums, every song is like a must listen to. That is so not the case in his newest LP

  • Jason

    I love the album not as good as sslp but very close. Love , insane, dejavu must be the ganja i like it alot will def buy it on the 19th. Try listening to the lyrics before saying you dont like it. EM beat rapper alive!

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