Gamer Movie Trailer: The Future of Gaming, Now!

By Jason Wadsworth

What do you get when you take video games, the future, and a bit of Ludacris, Dexter, 300, and The Closer and vigorously mix them all together? Either the next Wayans brothers spoof movie, or maybe something like the trailer for the movie Gamer set for release late this summer.

Gamer depicts a future where gamers take control of death row inmates who find themselves participants in a real-life combat game called “Slayers” that has become the preferred entertainment of the masses. The film follows an inmate named Kable (played by Gerard Butler of 300, P.S. I Love You) as he fights his way through the game in the hopes of winning a pardon and taking down the man behind the game.

No word yet on whether there will be a video game adaptation of this film where players will control a gamer controlling an inmate on a quest to control his destiny. Whoa…now THAT’S meta!

Source: and IMDB

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