Lord of the Rings MMO for 360 to Potentially Debut at $12.99/month

GameDaily has discovered a new online gaming survey from Intellisurvey that appears to not only confirm the development of a Lord of the Rings Online for the Xbox 360 (as Destructoid reported earlier this year), but also reveal details about the MMO’s proposed pricing structure and future downloadable content.

The survey asked a series of questions about online gaming, including the following:

Assuming that you liked the content and theme of this Lord of the Rings MMO for the Xbox 360, how likely would you be to purchase the game for $59.99, plus pay a monthly subscription of $12.99?Neither Warner Bros. Interactive (who currently holds the license to the Lord of the Rings franchise) or Turbine, developer of Lord of the Rings Online for the PC, have confirmed the development of the game, although it’s no secret that the latter has been working on a console MMO for some time now.

A representative from Turbine declined to comment on the survey or the game, but offered this: “Turbine has always been focused on the customer and one of the ways we do that is through extensive consumer research.”

To date, the Xbox 360 has only seen one other massively-multiplayer game, 2006’s Final Fantasy XI. The game required a subscription fee of $12.95 a month; this applied to both users on the free Xbox Live Silver accounts as well as users paying an upwards of $7.99 a month for Gold accounts. Current information about Lord of the Rings Online for the 360, including the information posited by the survey, doesn’t indicate that the subscription model for the game will be any different.

In addition, the survey asked respondents whether and how much they’d pay for additional content for the game, which is again in line with previous reports that Turbine was working on a micro-transaction based MMO. These add-ons range from in-game currency and additional classess/races to individual items such as clothing, weapons and armor, animals and transports. Potential downloadable items also include more traditional content such as expansion packs with additional quests and map packs. (GameDaily)

Anyone looking forward to a LOTR MMO on the Xbox 360? Would you be ok playing $60 then paying $12.99 each month to play it? Do MMOs work well on a Console platform? or should they strictly be a PC game? Share your thoughts and post your response in the comments section.

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  • Kosamus

    Yawn – no thank you. I enjoy getting laid still.

  • I can’t see paying for my Gold and still a monthly fee to play a MMO no matter how much I enjoy MMO’s, this is a fail on my part and when will I stop getting nickel and dimed to play games, I live in NY and they are talking about”fat Tax” that will apply an extra tax to games we buy. Now a extra monthly fee to play a game where does it stop