Slim PS3?


Rumors are abound on the Internet about the new slim PlayStation 3 and pictures have even been provided with a new box and everything showing the new design for the PS3, plus the picture shows that the “new PS3” will have a 120GB HD.  I for one will have to say that this is a fake not just because of the picture quality but also why would Sony change the logo on the new PS3 and not for nothing but it kind of looks like it was run over and flattened.  Well you be the judge as I for one don’t think this is real, but weirder things have been true that I have found on the web.

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  • Fishinsmit

    Lol looks kinda weird

  • Alphathon

    Definitelly fake. The picture on the box is different to the actual unit – there’s a bit underneath the disk slot on the box like on the real thing, but not on the model. Also, I think that Sony would market this WAY before launch, and therefore WAY before a boxed console emerged. Not to mention it looks fugly and the new logo is piss poor at best.

  • Kosamus

    Looks like a griddle, nice design sony. 😛

  • Chris

    No way this is real.

    First, Sony’s taking a financial bath on the PS3 as it is. Why would they introduce a new mode? I doubt it’s cheaper to produce than the current PS3. The only way they’d ever introduce a new model is if this thing is going to be the only PS3 version going forward and all others will be discontinued.

    This looks like a fake Chinese knock off of the PS3. In other words, a pirated version.

  • Matt

    Ha Ha! it is true!