Arkanoid Live! Full Game Isnt Whole Game

Last week Taito released a updated version of Arkanoid on Xbox Live Arcade. Aptly named Arkanoid Live!, it was originally released on the DS last year.  It is available for what seems to be the current standard of 800msp ($10) but what isn’t listed on the marketplace is the 2nd part of the game. After you purchase the game you play through the first two chapters which each contain 31 levels and after that you are presented with a little surprise. A notification pops up asking you if you want to unlock the remaining two chapters for a additional 400msp ($5) bringing the total to $15. The level pack isn’t listed on the marketplace and is not mentioned in the games description and upon launching the game all 4 chapters are shown from the games menu.

It’s a real shame whats happening to the marketplace. XBLA games have basically doubled in cost and shady practices like this will only become more prevalent.

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