What We’re Playing Issue 3

Super-Sized Edition!

by Michael Cooper

Some changes to What We’re Playing this week. Trying to get the format a lot cleaner, hopefully you guys like it, and expect even more updates next issue. One of the less noticeable updates this week is that you can now click a link next to each persons name to see the articles they have written recently, or check out their podcast if they have one. This will be a standard in all upcoming issues.

As for what we are playing? A whole lot of stuff actually, but nothing in particular, the PS3 and 360 continue to dominate our lists though, sorry Wii! Take a look, and feel free to comment back with what you are playing!

Scott (Writer)

Not much exciting this time around. Played Quantum of Solace and Unreal Tournament 3 both for the 360 (a couple of the games I picked up @ the Best Buy $10 sale). Also on the handheld side some GTA: ChinaTown Wars.

Gemini Ace (Writer)

I’ve played some Call of Duty 4 in preparation for the Gamehounds playdate.
Played Soul Calibur 4 ($10 Best Buy sale)
Hasbro Game Night Sorry (won from INFECTEDPB503)
Flight Control
Gears of War 2 (campaign)
Halo Wars (started the campaign on Legendary)

Snaven Shake (Writer)

Fallout 3 DLC – Love it.
Too Human
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts – Finally beat it!
Skate 2
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix – Still playing this for some reason…

mik (Podcast)

Fallout 3 – Broken Steel (360) – Finally rounded out my Fallout experience–time to put it out to pasture now. I won’t miss it.
Hakuna Matata (PS3) – Imported from Asia. Very mellow, zen experience. But I’m really enjoying it so far.
InFamous demo (PS3) – I’ve played the demo a half dozen times now. Can’t wait for the full game.
Fat Princess beta (PS3) – This should rule my summer once it comes out and all my friends have it.
Blue Dragon Plus (DS) – Great little tactics/RTS-style game. Fast and fun.

Steve519 (Editor-in-Chief)

Burnout (PS3) – Cops and Robbers DLC is not worth the price for skins and 1 new game mode.
Flight Control (iPhone) – This is seriously a must have for every iPhone user
Magic ball (PS3)
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 (PS3 and Mac)

Fatal45 (Writer)

Flight Control (iPod)
Chronicles of Riddick (PC)
GTR: Evolution (PC)
Counter Strike: Source (PC)

I haven’t touched my 360 in awhile.

Warning: The BIG One Incoming

INFECTEDPB503 (Podcast)

inFamous Demo – Might have seen the video? Apparently I suck at videogames, or is it I suck at videogames with bad controls?
NBA 09 The Inside ($10 at BB) – Has trophies and looks like good basketball game.

Quantum of Silence ($10 at BB) – Wish people played MP! But the SP game is good. They took Casino Royale and QoS and made one game which plays well and happens to have the cover system COD4 almost had

Burnout Paradise C&R (With Criterion and EA guys) – Was fun for first couple times but if the gold doesn’t respawn in other random points it seems pointless. and $10 for 35 skins! its too bad steve and I can’t say something we hear while at Monolith about DLC!

Godfather II – Not quite GTA4 graphics wise but story and gameplay elements make it better then GTA4.

PuzzleQuest Galactrix – Mindless fun.

Peggle – Multiplayer with Jay900 and Assassin10k – MP was kinda different, harder levels and didn’t clear them very often
Saints Row 2 – Co-op is a blast and way better then GTA4!
Orbyx – Mystic Orbs of Chaos – Trial – XNA Peggle clone that does somethings differently then Peggle and could be fun. Too bad no achievements! Check it out here!
Hieronymus Bash – Trial – XNA dodgeball game that was fun and just added single player AI levels. For $2.50 would be more then worth it if had achievements!
Your In The Movies (FREE at BB, got 2 copies, one for friend also) – FREE CAMERA! who cares about the game. actually it seems like it would be a lot of fun for a family that owns a green screen. now how many people do you know that own that? good concept, bad execution. but then again 2 free copies of a game with camera! who’s complaining

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