Gears Of War 2 Weekend As I Seen It

**The following are my thoughts on the double XP weekend for Gears of War 2.  These views do not represent Platform Nation or any of it’s affiliates**
As many of us know the double XP’s for Gears of War 2 is winding down and gave a lot of us a chance to level up or in some cases loss experience points.  I had the chance to do both of these as I did not get to level 25 as I had hoped, but I did make it to 22.  I may have had the chance to get maybe one level higher, but as all of us Gears players know with the new system if you do not complete a online match you get penalized which is only fair if you quit.  I got disconnected twice from the host and I lost those valuable experience points I was gunning for, but no big deal overall it was a good time as always, except for a few that insist on calling names or blaming others for their lousy game.

As all you Platform Nation viewers out there know Platform Nation was the first to host a Gears of War 2 community night and I still am being asked a lot of questions such as “do you work for Epic?” or “when is Platform Nation going to do another community night”.  I answer questions as they come but the one question that keeps coming up is “do you get online advantages because you played in the community night?”  I could only wish I had the online advantage as it seemed I was continually being thrashed by some awesome Gears players.  I did though take away some things I did hear while playing Gears and I compiled a list of the ones I found funny.  Here’s the list I compiled:

1.  Mom I don’t want to eat right now I’m not hungry

2. It’s not me cursing Dad it was one of the other players

3. Someone must have a lag switch

4. The host shotgun sucks

5. This controller keeps messing me up

6. Noob

7. No I am not 8 years old I just turned 12

8. I hate Gear I don’t know why I play it

9. I’m Rick James Bitch

10. Anyone want to play Halo 3 instead

These are real statements I heard while playing Gears this weekend and like I said before the weekend was a blast.  I had fun with some old friends and made some new ones met some awesome players and met some that just bought GoW 2 and it was their first weekend.  Whatever category you fit into I had a great time and until we meet again….

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  • Ha ha funny article. I’ve had a blast this weekend on Gears and got from about level 32 to 35. Which i’m happy with. I HATE the lag. I HATE games that disconnect, that’s my one issue with the game, because fair enough in a laggy game if you have a chainsaw then you can just suction everyone in for the kill. But if you only have a Hammerburst, then you are fucked. And the game is just a waste because you can’t exactly quit and lose 1500 XP. So yeah.
    Great weekend, great list of things you’ve heard 😛

    But seriously, the lag on GoW2 = EUUGHH!

  • I played a bunch on Saturday and had a great time. The double XP thing is a good idea. I don’t plug in my headset simply because of the statements above.