Mr. Matt’s Album of the Week #39

Marion – This World and Body

world-and-bodySo first of I would like to start off by saying, “I Suck”.  I realize I have been pretty bad about getting an article up every week.  To my defense I attribute this to absolute “laze”.  For this weeks album I am presenting Marion’s debut album This World and Body (1996).  Sounding a lot like the Killers only 10yrs earlier this album is a staple to any good Brit-pop diet.  Gaining a lot of notice in their native England they received some major support by being able to open for bands like Radiohead and Morrissey. Though even with all this support they were never able to sell a huge amount of records.  Despite poor record sales they did make a name for themselves through the festival circuit and they did rather well in that respect.  In the US they did not do well either though they were able to sell well enough in the Southern California area where they were able to pull off a couple of large concerts in the late 90’s.

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