TQcast Episode 64

TQcast EP64 (2:07) Open Session, TQ is back!

  • Desz Is back, and TQdout more than ever.
  • JUiCE gives everybody shout outs!! Did he miss you?
  • E3 rumors and Predictions
  • MGS4 to finally get trophy support plus extra
  • Uncharted 2 hands down Game of the Year for 09, wait and see.
  • A 2 step guide to picking up girls in PlayStation Home.
  • Sony has hidden answers in PlayStation Home. You ask, they answer.
  • Fight Night Round 4 Demo Impressions
  • Major Platinum Trophy Contest Announced!!
  • Eminem Relapse Review
  • All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!

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  • Kosamus

    welcome back Desz, sorry to hear about your grandfather. Great ep guys, and im glad you put the TQ back in TQcast. Desz pure is officially debunked. Maybe Kotaku will pick it up.

    Follow up on that Australians’ Flu Theory.

    Fight Night: You only get three rounds in the demo so I didn’t get to feel if the knockout minigame was hard or not. It was pretty simple if you know how to balance using momentum during the first KO. I also didn’t think it was too fast, maybe the other peoples reflexes are just too slow for boxing. I enjoyed the fast pace and didn’t have problems countering or avoiding hits.

    That Home segment was hilarious, i was pretty drunk that night. lol . That Patron sneaks up on you.

    See you guy in Paradise

  • kratosoprano

    nice show guys good to hear u guys again. i didnt have internet for awhile but i c a lot of platformnation peeps went to the darkside since iv been offline. u guys talk a lot more about ps3 and ps3 gaming nights.i guess i need a ps3 too since theirs little x360 nights going on.any who, shout out to juice he is a cool host. last time i heard tq, filty was hosting. big ups to him where ever he is.good show keep it up. im looking forward to that E3 tqcast podcast.oh yeah thanx for the free copy of the darkness game i really enjoyed it.anyway g2g keep drinkin, gaming, and most of all drink drink drink. remember the name of the show !TEQUILA! PODCAST.