HydroTilt XL Now Available

Publisher X and Codeglue have released a new update to their platform puzzler. Titled HyrdoTilt XL, it adds a tidal wave of new features including 30 new levels and a brand new level editor that allows players to easily create their own levels by dragging pieces onto a stage. Video tutorials and hints for building your own levels is available at HydroTilt XL is a free update to anyone who already owns the game and a free demo is available on the App Store.

HydroTilt XL is all about precision, timing and control! Guide a bead of water over ramps, moving platforms and through brightly colored and challenging environments, all in an attempt to reach the finish line and score the best time. Players can alter their water droplet from a liquid state, to a solid state (ice) and even a gas state (water vapor). Using these different forms, the player solves a variety of puzzles, activates mechanical devices and safely navigates across a variety of suspended platforms to complete each level.

Hydro Tilt XL is available now for the iPhone and iPod touch for $4.99.

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