Where the Wild Hounds Are

wild_thingsSo with GameHounds on Radio silence till next week, I figured I’d let you guys know where you could find some of us until then.

For example, you can hear Commander Tim on The Digital Cowboys Episode 103. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out Alex and Tony (you know them from our Humpdate) at The Digital Cowboys main website.

How about some Mr. Maynard? You can check him out at The Unknown Gamers of St. Louis.

And what about me? I’ve been a little busy. For example, check out my audio podcast review of Quantum of Solace for the Xbox 360 with host Head of Section on the Being James Bond podcast. And be sure to check out the full Being James Bond website.

Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Lefty Brown were kind enough to have me on their latest episode of The Married Gamers. And of course, please check out the full Married Gamers website.

Lastly, I would double check The Digital Cowboys this weekend. Look for Episode 106, I may have shown up there, as well. This podcast thing is so much easier when all I have to do is talk!

There’s lots more to come with E3 ramping up and all the game companies teasing the ever living hell out of us, the next couple of shows are going to be fun.

Be patient, and you’ll hear from us soon!


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