Gamer Pride


Ask any average Joe without a joystick about “gamers” and more than likely he’ll describe a teenager or young adult simply locked in their rooms fiddling around with buttons to virtually kill people with. Should we be afraid of this stereotypical image we receive? What with the media and every lawyer from Jack to Thompson picking us up as litter, we should be kinda afraid… right? I pride myself as a gamer, and I hope you do too, but I think what we all need to do is show the money-grabbing corporate puppets and news outlets what we’re really made of. I say we boycott people.

You know who people are. They’re those miserable things with two legs and oversized heads, they bump into you on the street and some of them have protuding lumps from their chests. The observational here will also point out that they talk and mingle with each other, the vermin. I mean look at them, they’re people, I hate them. So that’s why we must avoid direct contact with people, so we don’t catch their disease and turn into a person – worst thing that could possibly happen to you!


Okay, I made a fun joke, but I think our image in the media, newspapers andĀ Margaret Thatcher is degrading. We’ve had reports about Mass Effect been too sexually reveal on Fox News, an rambling rambolic on… Fox News and an attack on video-games from lawyers alike. Although you’ll probably only think of Jack Thompson, they’re still quite a lot after our little entertainment industry. Mostly just to make a quick buck.

So what am I proposing? We fight back. Instead of letting them attack us, we attack them. We call the media out on it’s mistakes and we punch those newscasters in their faces. When they’re sobbing on the ground and begging for this $21 billion industry to let us go, we’ll throw them off a bridge and laugh and laugh! In other words, we should turn the story against them. We deserve a place in modern society and a history of this modern culture. When games have lost all novelty and attraction, we should be able to look back and say… “GOD I WASTED MY LIFE!”

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