Podcasters’ Favorite Podcasts

cast-mediumCast Medium is in the middle of a multi-part series, wherein they ask some popular podcast hosts to share their personal favorite ‘casts. It’s a pretty nifty little series of interviews, and a nice way to discover some new shows that you may not have stumbled across before.

poplogoTheir latest installment features Chris Johnston (CJ), host of the Player One Podcast, former EGM editor, and current games producer for Adult Swim. And, in a delightful turn of events, CJ lists Ye Olde Fanboys Lunchcast among his three favorite shows. Being name-dropped by anyone is pretty darn cool. But being name-dropped by one of the hosts of the podcast that causes you to click “refresh” in your iTunes window every Sunday like a smack addict aching for a fix–well that’s just gratifying beyond measure. Many thanks to CJ–And if you haven’t listened to P1P yet, it’s time to get your ass over there!

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