Saints Row 2 New DLC


Volition has announced a second DLC pack for Saints Row 2 and is due out May 28th.  The new DLC will include a new set of missions where you take on Ultor Corparation, also included will be new weapons, vehicle and multiplayer maps.  What’s all this going to set you back you ask?   Well the 360 version price is to be set at 560 Microsoft points and the PS3 version price will be set at $7.00.  Not bad prices for add ons for a great game.

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  • at least better pricing then the $10 for the earlier DLC pack that I’ve heard is not worth it at all. This one is “for the fans” though… wonder what that means?

  • It is nice to see DLC cheaper than $10 and from what I have seen the previous DLC was not worth it.