Burnout Paradise Announces “Big Surf Island”

We have all seen the huge, under-construction suspension bridge that leads into the ocean to the East of Downtown Paradise. This summer the Burnout Paradise team will be showing us, what’s on the other side of that bridge!

Say goodbye to all of those “Under Construction” signs, Burnout Paradise’s most-anticipated Premium Downloadable Pack: “Big Surf Island”, will be ready for purchase & download on June 11th.

The Burnout Team has made this incredible island just about the size of Downtown Paradise and have added 8 new cars and will introduce the Carson Dust Storm which will be perfect for all the largest jumps on the game they have added. They could not build this island with out New Events & Freeburn challenges which will be great when rocking this on our infamous TQGaming nights.

As we all know, E3 is just a few weeks away! We already have 2 new maps for Killzone 2 that will be available on June 11th as well, and now we have this. TQFam will be busy after E3!! Enjoy!

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