E3 Will Have Video Games, Right?


We are a few days away from E3, and just like every other year, the rumor mill is in full production.  Microsoft is going to “change home entertainment forever.”   Both Sony and Microsoft are going to reveal motion sensing for their consoles (apparently they have not heard of this new machine called the Wii).  Nintendo has said that they are going to appease their hardcore fan base, but they said the same thing last year.  Not many hardcore gamers have been happy playing another rehashed Animal Crossing and Wii Music for a year.

By now you are thinking “Wow, he is making fun of E3.  I wonder what other controversial things he is going to say? Halo 3 is a pretty good game.  World of Warcraft is popular.”  If I am already complaining about E3 rumors than why am I even going to pay attention to this year’s E3?  The same reason I check video game news sites fifteen times a day.  The games!

The big three need to show new content from announced games.  They need to surprise gamers by showing brand new games.  I just want to see, read about, and hopefully play a demo or two of games!  Think about what people remember from last year’s E3.  They remember the announcements of MAG and God of War 3.  They remember the news that Final Fantasy XIII was coming to the 360.  They remember seeing Fat Princess for the first time and wanting to play it.  They even remember Wii Sports Resort. All of the other stuff like Netflix on the 360, the PSN video downloading service, and Wii Speak is great.  Those things add to a console and make owning that console better but they are not what people are still talking about today.

New motion controllers are useless unless there are some great looking games that use the technology.  My home entertainment is currently defined perfectly as “video games.” Plugging something new into my Wii in order to play three games isn’t fun when it is the fifth time.  There is a place in gaming culture for people that play Wii Fit or use their PS3 for Blu-Ray 90% of the time, but their place is not E3.


E3 is for gamers, the people that have propelled this industry forward so that it can compete with movies and television.  What do I want from this year’s E3?  News about games: the reason gamers are paying attention to E3 in the first place.  More details about Alan Wake and a promise it is finally going to come out soon.  MAG in motion with 256 people playing in the same match. Zelda: Spirit Tracks and hopefully a game that will cause gamers to dust off their Wii’s (stop giggling).

Gamers want to be surprised by new IP’s.  If the big three come to E3 with games that will get people excited, then they will leave with successful press conferences.  Do you want a new way to think about home entertainment?  Sure sprinkle some on.  Motion controls for all the consoles?  I’ll have it on the side.  As long as the meat of their announcements is about the games we love, then all of that other stuff is icing on the cake.

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