Monster Hunters UNITE with the Encyclopedia Gigantica

I was checking my Twitter account this morning, and I discovered I had a new follower. The follower goes by the name “Team of Four”  and according to their video and the beginning of their website we seem to have a big problem on the horizon. This is what they had to say about our impending doom.

“…The monsters are already heading East and it’s going to take many skilled hunters to deal with them… You will need to bind your strengths together – to join up with your friends and hunt as one if are to stand a chance… In the world of Monster Hunter, you’re never alone. “

Sounds to me that another Monster Hunter is coming out and soon. More specifically, this is “Monster Hunters Portable 2nd G” for the PSP being released outside of Japan. Stateside it will be called “Monster Hunters: Fighters Unite” and there will a focus on co-op play.

The “Team of Four” specifically lead me to their encyclopedia (which at the time of this article is still a work in progress).  It contains a Beginner’s Guide, and links to an Armoury, Bestiary, Quest and Community sections, and Videos. I think they are trying to make a big “wiki-pedia” type resource for this new game.

Potential cover design

I like the direction Capcom is taking with this type of community involvement for the new game. Hopefully it will catch on. Nintendo/Square Enix gave the “community game” a try , (twice !!!) and it didn’t quite catch on as well as they hoped . Do you think Capcom has what it takes for this to be a financial success ?

**Author’s note: according to wikipedia, Square Enix is attempting to make their game a meta-series

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    You need to make sure you have your actual name next to your handle, check the forums for a description on how to do it.

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