Top iPhone Apps You Need To Cover E3


With E3 only a week away, Platform Nation decided it would be a great idea to highlight some of the great iPhone Apps that we will be using at E3 to help bring our coverage to you guys.

recorderWith Recorder you gain the ability to not only do voice recordings in a 44.1k high quality mode, but you have the ability to record for seconds or hours, email short recordings or wifi sync any of your recordings. Recorder even works with the iPod Touch (gen 2) with an external microphone. Essentially with this and a good microphone you can do any and all of your audio interviews.

wordpressDo I need to even explain this one? With WordPress you gain the ability to update your site on the go! No longer will you have to search for an open computer, hope the internet is up, none of that. This WordPress app allows you to update your site as long as you have cell phone reception. And this supports uploading photos, multiple blogs, editing pages, in fact pretty much anything you can do from the web interface you will now be able to do from your iPhone.

tweetieIf you are at E3, then you should know that the video game industry, just like every other industry, is all about networking, this is where Tweetie comes in. With Twitter becoming the social networking powerhouse that it is today you need to stay up to date with everything and Tweetie is here to do just that. Tweetie provides one of the best Twitter experiences on the iPhone, it features multiple twitter account support, easy access to your timelines, replies and direct messages, an inline web browser, TwitPic support and the list goes on and on.

bumpHere is something a little unique but extremely helpful. Bump allows you a quick and easy way to swap contact information with another iPhone users. No longer will you have to try to put all the information in your phone yourself. With a quick “bump” of the hands you will be able to exchange your phone number, your email, photo, address or just everything on your contact card. The transaction is completely secure and takes less then ten seconds.

urbanspoonMost of you that are going to E3 don’t actually live in LA, and because of this, you don’t know what is around you. With Urbanspoon, the finding of where to eat will be taken care of. Urbanspoon allows you to filter all the nearby restaurants by location, cuisines, and/or by price. You just select what you want and it will give you a list of what your options are. It even uses the GPS to find the restaurants closes to you. And after you have narrowed down your choices to a list, you can also check ratings and reviews of everything left. No longer will you end up eating at some crappy restaurant that you happen to drive by, not if you have Urbanspoon on your phone!

googleHere is another one that I don’t even feel the need to explain. This Google app gives you quick and easy access to your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and just about everything else that Google provides. All that in one small and FREE app. This is a must have as you will be using this a lot. The newest version even provides “search by voice” so you won’t even have to type anything to handle your Google searches.

flight-controlUnfortunately, even with all the running around that will be going on at E3, there will be times where you have absolutely nothing to do, this is where Flight Control comes in. Flight Control is probably one of the simplest games on the iPhone. All you do in Flight Control is use your finger to layout a path that you want a plane to take to land on a runway. At the same time, Flight Control is one of the most addicting games that’s out there on the iPhone. Each game only takes about five minutes and it is just a great way to pass a little time while waiting on something like a keynote to start. And with the latest update to game you now get online leaderboards, Google Maps support, Twitter support and the ability to save and resume your game if you need to leave the app. Trust us, you need to pick this game up.

qik_logoOne of the things that we have tried to do on this list is provide apps that you wouldn’t need a jailbroken app to run, but Qik is one of those apps where you can only use if your phone is jailbroken. Qik allows you to share LIVE VIDEO from your iPhone, and the best part about it is, no Wi-Fi is required. Qik can use your 3G connection to provide live video and allows you to even embed that video off of your own website, thus allowing a live video feed anywhere that you are. Keynotes, exclusive presentations, interviews, all these can be shared LIVE to your readers on your websites.

pn-300Here is the last thing that we have to share with everyone, our very own website, While not an app (at least not yet, hint, hint), you can get all your E3 news right here as we will have our very own, P*N Army at E3 getting all of the E3 news as best we can. You can check out Platform Nation on your iPhone for our very special iPhone exclusive mobile theme where we provide all of our coverage with our very special iPhone layout.

We hope you enjoyed our list and we hope it will help everyone else out there cover E3 just a little bit better, we felt that we hit all the “must haves” but if you think we missed anything do us a favor and let us know in the comment area and we will be sure to check it out. And if you could do us a favor, pass this along to your friends and “digg” this as it helps us out quite a bit. Thanks everyone!

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  • I can’t believe all the apps for the iPhone. One day I will break down and get rid of the crap phone I have and get with the times. I like the Bump feature and the WordPress feature sounds awesome

  • Jose Colmenares

    The Mafia Wars iPhone app is really fun too, but I can’t remember if it’s free or not…

  • I think you forgot PEGGLE mate. This is essential for those long waits in lines or at the airport.

  • I really wish I had an iphone. I’m not even going to E3, but these apps sound really cool