Infamous Demo Impressions

Infamous, in-fa-mous,  having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious, causing or deserving infamy; heinous: an infamous deed, law: Punishable by severe measures, such as death, long imprisonment. Loss of civil rights or convicted of a crime, such as treason or felony, that carries such a punishment. Rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Infamous was first shown a billion years ago at E3 20,000 BC, and Sucker Punch was shown the door to the directors studio. Carrying in hand the Sly Cooper series and a few other series they had created. What has come out of that door is bloody marvelous.

You start the demo having to save a train full of hostages and thanks to your superpowered form, in which you can store and fire electricity, all it takes is to step on the train and power it up. It’s this stage when you’re introduced to combat and by god does it flow like a river. Every punch or zap or grenade is easily performed and it feels so fluidly that you think it might as well be thin air. Yeah that’s right, Infamous flows like thin air. After powering the train for a bit, you do have to get up and wtfpwn some dudes and then you’re back on the train again..ish.

You see, Infamous has a karma system. If you do good things, you’re known as the good guy. If you do horrible things, people will shout and run away from you. It’s a more polarised perspective of some of the choice systems we’ve seen in recent games but it does work well. There’s no neutral or epic change or morale choice, it’s straight-foward and usually a game would lose the relationship with the player by doing this. But it does it so well and subtley that it’s winsauce on ice. It’s like thin air…again.

Now I’m about to get back on the train when I just so happen to find an enemy on the floor, trying to get up. I go up to him. hold R1 and am given the choice to either restrain him or leech all of his bodily electricity. I decide to restrain him and then come back and blow his guts across the road later. I also see that my encounter with the gang has made a car fly through an alleyway and crush three civilians. Using my super-powered powers, I am able to act like an human defibrillator, and save their lives. I drain some energy from the crushed car and I’m on my way.

I didn’t get a chance to really explore anything in the demo, I was having too much fun as well, but it seems that you can climb just about anything. It’s like Assassin’s Creed, but done a lot better and more… epic. Jumping down a building, sliding down a pipe, clambering on to a window and then sliding down the fire escape ladder. Still fluid, like thin air! If only you could inhale Infamous… wait that would cause brain damage in inhaling the fumes. But oh well, it’s fun anyway and the hallucinations make up for it. Getting off the topic again…

I always do my visual sum up at the last bits, so here it is. Infamous is a stunning game, the draw distance is impressive and every surface or person feels polished. The voice acting is brilliantly cast and everyone seems to have had fun recording the lines. The water, the sky and every little touch you can think of, it all feels real and then some. I think this is one of the defining exclusives for the PS3 and surely, Sucker Punch are gonna want to milk this franchise? Well I for one, am gonna love this milk… and I hope you do too! Unless you’re lactose intolerant… heh…

For 1.3 GIGs, it’s around a 30 min demo. But it’s still worth it by far, and the action and choice will make you coming back for sure. It’s hard to see how the full game performs, but for what it is and it being free: give it a go!

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  • I have yet to check out the demo but it does sound awesome

  • Joe Byrne

    Sounds good, was looking this up most of last night, really like it, sandbox type of games have a special place in my heart, and its almost like he is a relation to Faith of Mirrors Edge the way there is that crazy parkour element in the game.

    Time to save some monies for this one I think!