Modern Warfare 2: Trailer Analysis

Here is the trailer.
And here is the in-depth analysis.

The game definitely has some kind of Russian connection, becuase at the start of the trailer it features flashbacks to when you are shooting Imran Zakhaev and his men and killing them. This could also mean that you are playing once again as John “Soap” MacTavish.

In the trailer you can also hear

“Revenge is like a ghost, it takes over every man it touches”

“It’s thirst cannot be clenched until the last man standing has fallen”


Russian Airport? Shopping Mall? Either way we can be sure that some of this game is in Russia. From the text that you can see on the shop sign in the background. It says мечты which translates to “Dreams” in English!. Weapon looks like the M249 S.A.W. from CoD4.


Shields are being used by the guys, these are the FSB which are the Russian version of the FBI. This means that the only reason that they would be at the airport would be because of a terrorist attack/threat. (thanks Steve).
Does that mean that it is going to be, you vs. Russian FSB vs. Russian Terrorists?
Also there is a high chance that the shield will be a weapon to use in multiplayer, but only with a pistol as a weapon? Similar to R6:V2?

Smoke grenades are on the side of the FSB guy, but you can visibly see the word SMOKE written in English on a Russian FSB belt?

Oh, and it’s definitely an airport, air plane windows are seen in the background.


You will be close the airplanes when you are shooting. The engine also looks like it is blowing air, but that may just be the graininess of the trailer.

The guy shooting also has something on his belt, they may be smoke grenades, frag. Anything really.




Civilians are running amok on the streets. And you can also see Brazilian flags in the top of the screenshot. Later on in the trailer it is said that something is happened in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). So this is another level location to go along with the airport. The streets are filled with cars that have obviously been exploded. Maybe the city is in mayhem. People are definitely fleeing. Terrorist attack?


You will be running among the Civilians, maybe you fail if you shoot them?


Shanty Town-ish environments. People are still running, still in Rio De Janeiro.


Seems like an air plane graveyard. Team (Squad?) on the top of the Plane


You can see two LOT signs, this is either a car park, or just an Plane park. Engines and other things are seen lieing around.


Jeep explosion, maybe a drivable vehicle?


Jet landing on an airfield. No way that this will be from in game view, cutscenes most likely! Also. SNOW ENVIRONMENT! WOO!


Mexican Wave!

Oh….. No-one else joined in….


Shame on you. BANG!

Airport hanger, maybe smuggling things, sabotage.

Also, see the bullet to the right of the person coming towards the camera, this is either a misfire, or this is from a first person point of view and you are behind this guy.


Helicopters, you are in the passenger seat, similar to the ship on the first level on CoD4. Rappel off helicopter?

Arriving on an island with a castle on. Already on fire?

Water graphics look better than CoD4. Or am i imagining things?


Jet air drop, looks like part of a scripted events as you are hovering in the back of the helicopter. Still @ the castle.

Voice can be heard saying

“Prime Minister has pledged full support to aid in anyway possible”

Prime Minister = Your playing as British Guy/Infantry. Soap from CoD4?


“Zhakhaev kept Makarov in check, but no longer”


Also, seen prisoner, being watched under house arrest?


Trained, maybe military, able to disarm both guys and then shoot the guy below from a distance. Looks like Rio De Janeiro again. Blood splatter effects.


Guy in car is watching the doors, and then getting shot by the escapee.

This may trigger the chase scene seen earlier in the trailer.


Squad running across the roof, looks like houses. Maybe you can control a squad? Back in Rio.


Nothing of importance in this screenshot, i just love his pose.


The animation is also good, when he lands he has to keep his balance by touching the ground.


Fighting a guy in the locker room, both are trained, but the guy on the left will most likely either be in your team, or the guy your playing as. Stabs him with a knife at the end.

Looks like a scripted in game event. Doubt it’s a quicktime event (thank god, quicktime events and CoD wouldn’t mix)


Vehicle drops? Obviously from a single player level, but this could mean that vehicles are a big part of the game. Multiplayer vehicle drops after kill streaks?? (UAV, dogs, artillery strike?)

Tanks and jeeps being dropped. I assume both drivable.


BOOM ON YOUR BACK. Looks to have been tackled, this is either one of your team members doing this, or this is actually something you can do in the game (doubt it though, i wouldn’t expect a physical attack system or anything, the knife will most likely still be the major melee weapon)


Looks like some people have been kidnapped, most likely your team. You have to rescue them? Thick pipes above, underground?


Looks like dynamic wood splintering effects? Looks good.


Either defending the prisoners or helping them, either way, in a snow costume.


Rio De Janeiro, top right of screenshot. “Christ the Redeemer” statue. Plane landing. Maybe has you in it, or smuggling things?


Hmm. Electric, what is this for?


Muhaha, Torture of course. Looks like it’s in a garage, most likely one of the enemy that has been captured. Desperate to get info, so they will use any means necessary?


Tunnels, most likely underneath castle?


Running towards escape helicopter, cave in, have to find a different way out.


Lots of explosions


Castle again, helipads, lifting off before explosion?


Looks to be escaping in the back of a vehicle, this may be one of the main bad guys in the game, but is English, treason?


Snowmobiles, obviously you can drive these. Wow.

Snowmobile infront has a guy on the back with a gun, this could mean that in co-op one can drive one can shoot. In which case, someone could be on the back of your snowmobile too. 4 player co-op obviously in the game.


Jumps, huge environment you can see. One linear path, but make your own way through it.
GPS-like device can be seen on the snowmobile, may be used to tell you where to go?


On second thoughts, snowmobile in front explodes. Maybe computer controlled and you have to follow it until it blows up.




Checkpoint Reached.

Helicopter goes boom!

Maybe you have to do the RPG’ing?


Side jeep blast. It seems that all vehicles in this game look drivable, because this Jeep isnt damaged so it looks like you could just go up to it and climb in. Maybe the jeep has been planted with a bomb.


Hooks, jumping across the mountains, is this you? Awesome!



This is going to end badly.


BOOM. That was awesome. This is either a team member, or the game has a cover/stealth mechanic?

mw-44 can see the scuba divers, and then it looks like someone is in a drivers seat. Maybe you can control the mini-sub. MP Scuba?


Fight scene. Rio. Close line off the ledge onto the top of the car. Through a window.

The guy with the Mohawk seems to have some kind of importance to you in this game as he is in the trailer lots. You either play as him, or he is a main part of your team?


Amazing glass effects.


Chasing a guy, seems to be running through houses. Bike is on fire. I doubt it is a drivable vehicle though.



Controlling a camera that is chasing a guy, or shooting a guy from an airship like CoD4


Castle goes BOOM


Escaping the castle on a rappel to a heli.


First person point of view, in game definitely.


Nearly there.


Here it goes….




And finally, a release date. Modern Warfare 2 is coming 11.10.09.

Can’t wait.

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  • sado

    Yay, more Americans being accused of torture. Can’t wait to be lectured to by a video game.

  • sado

    Correction SAS forces.

  • Awesome well documented look into the Modern Warfare 2 Trailer. I can’t wait for this game. CoD Modern Warfare 2 has to be the most hyped game this year and it is well deserved

  • Wow! Great job on this Krazy!

  • ATC 1982

    maybe underwater MP

  • Steve

    Good explanations! The three Russiam letters on the SWAT van is “FSB.” Which is the Russian-version CIA or the new KGB. Maybe they are responding to the terrorists at the airport?

  • Steve v2

    It’s jesus, no angel.
    And I touhgt they said that there will be no co-op?
    Maybe they are bluffing.

  • BHDown

    I am pretty sure it’s Zhakhaev and Makarov not Shackief and Backarof lol
    Also this was mostly just pointing out the obvious, good effort tho..

  • Nick

    i didnt even see any american marines, i hope its not just SAS

  • Van

    You can find some facts in the Gameinformer feature that clear up some of your analysis. Like: Soap is your commanding officer. The snow mission is like the sniper mission in CoD4. It is meant to be stealthy. The guy jumping across the chasm is Soap. The guy using the pick on the snowmobiler is Soap. The pic in the hanger is Soap surrendering to distract the enemy while you blow up a fuel tank. Then you run away on the snowmobiles. Read up on that, but otherwise it was a good analysis.

  • Kosamus

    I’m so tired of bad videogame haircuts. Why is that guy from Killzone 2 in MW2?

  • A.

    If you look at the 9th picture from the top, the guy is holding a Kriss .45 caliber submachine gun. Don’t believe me? Then look up a real life picture of it. Definitely another new weapon.

  • James

    mate just wanna say, scrubs reference i love you. shame about the no co-op, but if the online is as good as cod4 and the story is a bit longer. i’m happy

  • Ricardo-russo01

    Sucker eh? you are a fucker tooker motherfucker!